Different spaces tell different stories

ARTvertisements can help you create exterior environments that speak volumes about your proposition and your brand.

We translate brand strategies and visual identity into workplace branding suitable for implementation into the built environment. Be that for vacant property requiring sale or attention, new store openings, offices or live events.

Transforming city data through art

Art has an ability to make data speak to people and turn it into action.

Through visual art, ARTvertisements work on a commission basis to transform and interpret your static data into vibrant and immersive experiences. We help organisations connect data with art to reach a more emotional side of the viewer and tell a more powerful story and inspire action (engaging people who don’t necessarily pay much attention to the way cities operate).

MAY 2018



De Plesmantunnel te Leiden, toont een 240 meter lange (digitale) collage van ARTvertisements, waarin ‘de Zeeroute’; de recreatieve fietsroute van Leiden naar Katwijk, in opdracht van de gemeente Leiden is uitgebeeld.

(Foto Buro JP)

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