Get your walls talking: leveraging your space to tell your story

You can buy artwork for decorating your space but that doesn’t differentiate you from the next brand or organisation.  Choosing the right visuals helps you to tell your unique stories to your audience, whether they are customers, visitors, passengers or employees. 

ARTvertisments can help you to extend your fingerprint to create a palpable feeling of what makes you different, in your space. Whether in conjunction with broader interior design refurbishments or in isolation.

Culture and Collaboration

We leverage our own artistic aesthetic; an innovative mix of art collages, and work with organisations and or their employees to co-create inspirational designs that promote creativity, encourage productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

Wherever appropriate, co-creation of artwork enables employees to input their own ideas, stimulating engagement and ultimately creating a place that they feel proud to live and work in and want to go to work to each day.

If you’re looking to surprise today’s media saturated consumers with the unexpected - highly engaging and memorable creative art advertisements in public spaces – then we’d love to hear from you.
ARTvertisements brings together art and innovative brand solutions for experiential or PR campaigns. We're based in the Netherlands.
 If you’re after a unique, one of kind ARTvertisement that will get your brand talked about, we’d love to hear from you.

Nominated for the international Antalis Interior Design Award

June 2017

ARTvertisements was given the assignment to create a working environment which stimulates motivation and personal development, a positive attitude, peace of mind and offers perspective. The design shows metaphors of work related activity, like money-flowers, diploma plants, dream-bubbles (take the time to realize your dreams), because Werkse! is an employment agency for people with poor job prospects. (Photo by Michael van Oosten)

Nieuwe Energie,
3e Binnenvestgracht 23j,
2312 NR  Leiden